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NOON - Room Director Settings Menu

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TitleNOON - Room Director Settings Menu
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Room Director Settings Menu

You can find basic technical details about your NOON Room Director, as well as reset options, directly from the Room Director's settings menu. 

To access the Room Director's Settings menu press and hold the Room Director for 10 seconds. 

Note: The Room Director must be plugged into its base for the menu to display.



  • Activates pairing mode for the Room Director when updating Wi-Fi information.
  • To learn more about updating your Wi-Fi information see these instructions.

Factory Reset 

  • Unlinks the Room Director from a NOON account and any connected Extension Switches.
  • The Room Director will be reset to the most current software version last updated.
  • To learn more about resetting your Room Director see these instructions. 

Tech Info 

  • Displays technical information specific to each Room Director.
    • Mac Address
    • Serial Number 
    • Firmware Version

Enable Spotlight  

  • Activates the LED Spotlight on the bottom of the Room Director making the switch easier to find in dark spaces. 
  • Once Spotlight is turned on it will automatically illuminate when the room lights are turned off.  
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