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NOON - How to Install NOON in a Multi-Way Configuration

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TitleNOON - How to Install NOON in a Multi-Way Configuration
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How to Install NOON in a Multi-Way Configuration

Wiring NOON switches in a multi-way configuration is simple, and doesn't require any proprietary wiring to work. However, it is unique. Continue reading to learn more about how NOON switches work in a multi-way configuration, as well as get step by step instructions on how to successfully wire them.

IMPORTANT NOTE! NOON keypads wired in a multi-way configuration are not able to be integrated into a Savant system. If a Savant deployment is desired each keypad must be powered independently.

How NOON switches work in a Multi-Way

In the simplest sense, each NOON switch in a multi-way configuration uses existing wires in a circuit to control current from a power source to your light fixtures (also known as parallel circuit). And since more than one switch is involved in controlling the same set of lights, NOON switches also coordinate light status and levels among each other wirelessly instead of through traveler wires as a traditional multi-way switch would.

Coordination of light status and levels among NOON switches in a multi-way configuration occurs only after setup is complete via the NOON App.

This concept is important to understand before you begin installing your NOON switches in a multi-way configuration as light control behavior will not be fully functional until you've successfully wired and setup all NOON switches in your multi-way circuit.


Installing NOON Switches in a Multi-Way

Before you install your NOON switches in a multi-way configuration, make sure you've reviewed all compatibility and requirements

  • Turn power off at the circuit breaker (Confirm that the power is off from the switch.)

  • Identify wires, then disconnect and remove old switch.
  • Install the NOON mounting plate (Make sure the hooks are facing out and upwards. Look for the “Top” indicator.)
  • Connect wires to the NOON Base & Install (See diagrams below for more details)

  • Attach the NOON Wall Plate.

  • Repeat the above steps until all NOON switches in your multi-way configuration are complete.



Verifying correct wiring

  • Turn the power back on at the circuit breaker.
  • Turn one of the NOON switches to the OFF position.

  • Insert that switch into one of the NOON Bases in the multi-way circuit.

  • Toggle the switch to turn the light on and off. Lights should respond accordingly.
  • Remove the switch from the base and repeat the above steps on each subsequent NOON Base, one at a time, in that same multi-way circuit.

Each Switch location will successfully turn the lights on and off by toggling the switch. If not, review this multi-way wiring troubleshooting article. 


Installing NOON switches in an end-of-line / dead-end multi-way

You may run into a multi-way configuration where one of the switches is end-of-line, or dead-ended. A multi-way circuit of this configuration simply means that both the wire providing power and the wire that goes to the light fixture (switch leg) are typically in the same junction box, and both the power and light fixture wires are extended to the other switch through traveler wires. NOON switches can also replace multi-way switches in this configuration, but with a slightly different wiring method. Review the NOON dead-end multi-way diagrams below for more details.


Multi-way wiring diagrams 


NOON standard multi-way


NOON dead-end multi-way

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