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Product Discontinuation Notice - NOON Lighting App

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TitleProduct Discontinuation Notice - NOON Lighting App
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Product Discontinuation Notice - NOON Lighting App

Product:NOON Cloud/App
Discontinuation Date:February 28, 2023


Savant is discontinuing the NOON Lighting app, including cloud support for existing standalone NOON systems on February 28th, 2023. NOON products integrated with Savant Pro systems will continue to function as expected, and NOON standalone users will be able to take advantage of multiple upgrade options made available by Savant.


Customer Impact

Savant is offering customers the opportunity to upgrade existing NOON Lighting systems prior to the February 28, 2023 NOON Cloud discontinuation date.

Option 1: Customers may upgrade to a Savant Pro System to continue using existing NOON devices via Savant Pro integration. Savant is offering a Savant S2 Host as a replacement free of charge to existing NOON Lighting customers. Customers will need to contact an authorized Savant Dealer to install and provision the S2 Host, and integrate their existing NOON Lighting products with the Savant Pro system.

Key features of Option 1:

  • Existing NOON Keypads can remain
  • Savant will provide a free Savant S2 Host that must be installed by a local BestBuy Design Center or other authorized Savant integrator
  • Allows for potential expansion into the entire Savant Smart Home system, including:
    • Audio
    • Video
    • Home Theater
    • Cameras
    • Climate Control
    • Lighting
    • and more

To learn more about the Savant Pro Upgrade option, or to begin the upgrade process, click HERE .

Option 2: Customers may request GE Lighting Cync products as a one-to-one replacement for existing NOON products. Similar to NOON, Cync products are a DIY solution that can be installed by the customer or an electrician, and are controlled via the Cync app.

Key features of Option 2:

  • Replace existing NOON Keypads with Cync Keypads
  • Savant will supply one Cync Keypad replacement for each Noon device, free of charge
  • Cync devices are installed by the customer (or optionally by an electrician)
  • The Cync ecosystem allows for expanded DIY Smart Home options through a comprehensive line of products:
    • Indoor and Outdoor Smart Lighting
    • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Controls
    • Indoor and Outdoor Cameras
    • Climate Control

To learn more about the Cync Upgrade option, or to begin the upgrade process, click HERE .

Customers who choose not to upgrade via one of the options above will continue to have local control of all existing light fixtures connected to NOON keypads. A number of other features will be impacted or interrupted after the discontinuation date:

  • Devices will continue to function in local mode only
  • Control of local loads wired to NOON keypads and Directors will continue to function
  • Devices will no longer be able to communicate or send commands to other rooms (no Director to Director communication)
  • Provisioning of new devices will no longer be available
  • Functionality of some Timers and Scenes may be disrupted



Support Considerations

Savant will continue to support NOON products integrated with Savant Pro installations. The NOON app and NOON products used as a standalone system outside of a Savant Pro installation will no longer be supported after February 28th, 2023.


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