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NOON - What You Need to Get Started with NOON

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TitleNOON - What You Need to Get Started with NOON
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What You Need to Get Started with NOON

The NOON Lighting System replaces your existing light switches and is compatible with the lights you already have in your home. You can start with one room and add to your system over time.


Choose a Room

The NOON Lighting System works best in rooms that have at least three separate light fixtures. The more lights you control, the more layered lighting you can enjoy. Choose rooms in your house that you use most often, especially those you use

Start with the NOON Room Director

Each room requires a NOON Room Director. With the Room Director, you can control all of the lights in the room, and your home, with one click of the switch. The display on the Room Director makes it easy to change scenes, while a built-in motion sensor activates hands-free features like Night Light.

Add Extension Dimmer & On/Off Switches

Each additional light switch you’d like to control must be replaced with a NOON Extension Dimmer or Extension On/Off Switch. Each Extension Switch is wirelessly controlled by a Room Director for coordinated, layered lighting in that room. You can also turn on, off, or dim a specific light using the Extension Switch itself.  

Finish with NOON Wall Plates

NOON Wall Plates are designed as a perfect compliment to NOON switches but are also designed to work with standard Decora style 3rd party switches as well. Each includes a steel mounting plate on which to hang the NOON Base for easy alignment during installation and a screw-less cover that snaps into place with a smooth floating design.

Replacing multi-way light switches?

The NOON Room Director or Extension Dimmer and On/Off Switches can also replace multi-way switches, with up to 4 switches per multi-way circuit.


Check Compatibility

  • Confirm compatibility with the wiring in your home here
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