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NOON - Using IFTTT with NOON

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TitleNOON - Using IFTTT with NOON
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Using IFTTT with NOON

Create or discover NOON Applets with IFTTT to set up things like turning on lights when your camera detects motion or activating smart bulbs when a specific Scene is selected. 

How to Set Up 

Before linking IFTTT, make sure your NOON products are already installed and set up. (If you don't already have an IFTTT account you can sign up here.)  

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. Select Connect under NOON Home.
  3. Enter your NOON Account information to Accept the link IFTTT link.
  4. You’re now connected!

Discover NOON Applets
We have some Applets to get you started. To check out the NOON Home Applets go to

Create custom Applets
You can also create your own Applets.
  • Go to 
  • Select My Applets
  • Select New Applet
  • Select +this.
  • Choose or search for a service (we’ll use date and time as an example).
  • Choose a trigger such as Every day at.
  • Specify when you want to engage the Applet.
  • Select Create trigger.

Choose what happens when the trigger is engaged

  • Select +that 
  • Search or choose NOON Home
  • Select an action available with NOON such as Change Scene
  • Select the Scene you want to turn on.
  • Click Create action.
  • Select Finish to accept your new IFTTT Applet with NOON!