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NOON - Transferring Home Ownership

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TitleNOON - Transferring Home Ownership
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Transferring Home Ownership

Transferring home ownership is an easy way to transfer switches that have been installed and setup from one NOON account to another. 


Changing the ownership of NOON switches is beneficial to NOON pro installers and homeowners by:

  • Allowing NOON Pro Installers to completely setup switches and transfer ownership to homeowners.
  • Allowing new homeowners or tenants moving into a home to take over ownership of NOON switches installed in the home. 

How to transfer home ownership

  1. Open the NOON App and tap  in the upper left corner.
  2. Tap Change Owner > Change Owner
  3. Enter the email address of the new owner.
  4. Tap Send email
  5. The new owner will receive a home invite email via email. 
  6. Once the new owner accepts the invitation the home will be removed from the original owner's account.

Any linked third-party integrations will not be transferred to the new owner.

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