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NOON - Smart Bulbs with NOON

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TitleNOON - Smart Bulbs with NOON
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Smart Bulbs with NOON

Most app-controllable smart bulbs are not dimmed from the light switch but instead are controlled via the smart bulb's app "inside" the bulb. You can use the NOON Works With integrations for LIFX and Philips Hue to incorporate lamps that are not hard-wired to switches into your NOON scenes.

What to do if you have smart bulbs installed:

If you choose to use app-controllable smart LEDs, you must be sure to set them up as a "Smart Bulb" in the NOON App. They will be turned on and off via the NOON Lighting System and not dimmed. You must still use the smart bulb's app to dim the bulb. 

Important: Some smart bulbs may be detected as "Dimmable LEDs," so you will need to correct this. To see if your smart bulbs can be controlled by a dimmer, check instructions included with your smart bulbs.

To change bulb type to smart bulb:

  • From the NOON App, tap the Settings gear in the upper corner.
  • Select Rooms > Room Name > Switch Name where you have bulbs installed. 
  • Tap the Dimming Type and change it to Smart Bulb.
  • Tap Save.
  • Your smart bulbs can now be turned on and off by NOON, but not dimmed.
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