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NOON - Recommended Bulb Types

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TitleNOON - Recommended Bulb Types
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Recommended Bulb Types

NOON creates beautiful layered lighting by making the most of your light bulbs. We tested industry recommend and top-selling light bulbs to find what works best with your NOON Lighting System. We picked light bulbs that provide a wide dimming range that also present a Color Rendering (CRI) of at least 80.

Keep in mind that different bulb types and color temperatures are recommended based on the activity or Scene you want to create. 



Recommended  A19BR30
Warm White
(2700 K)
Cree LED Bulb 
Cree LED Bulb
(5000 K) 
Cree LED Bulb 
Cree LED Bulb



All halogen bulbs work optimally with the NOON Lighting System.


All incandescent bulbs work optimally with the NOON Lighting System.


CFL (Compact Fluorescent) 

Dimmable CFL light bulbs need time to reach their full dimming capabilities. Because of this and other innate properties, they do not provide up to standard dimming ranges and light quality. Though we are compatible with CFLs, we do not recommend them. 

MR16 Light Bulbs for Low Voltage Fixtures

We recommend Halogen MR16 for best light quality.

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