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NOON - Installation Guides and Online Tools

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TitleNOON - Installation Guides and Online Tools
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Installation Guides and Online Tools

Need help installing your NOON Lighting System? Online tools are available. 


Installation Guides

These guides walk you through every step of installing NOON products and are designed for experienced DIYers. If you’ve installed light switches before and are comfortable with line-voltage wiring, this is for you. You can print them or view them on your phone or laptop.

Installation GuideThis guide walks you through installing a NOON Room Director or NOON Extension Switch as a single-pole switch. If you are replacing a switch that controls one light only, this guide is for you.

Multi-Way Installation Guide: Use this guide  when more than one light switch controls the same light.


Guided Installation

This interactive tool guides you through the installation process every step of the way, whether you’re replacing a switch that controls just one light or several switches that control the same light.

If you're not comfortable installing on your own, you should book a NOON trained installer here.

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