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NOON - Using Google Assistant with NOON

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TitleNOON - Using Google Assistant with NOON
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Using Google Assistant with NOON

You can connect your NOON products with Google Assistant and control your lights with your voice.

How to Set Up

Before linking to Google/Assistant, make sure your NOON products are already installed and set up.  

Note: If using the same account, you only need to do one of the following to connect both Assistant and Google Home. 

Enabling Google Assistant in the NOON App

  1. Open the NOON App and tap in the upper left corner.
  2. Tap Works With > Google Assistant 
  3. Tap Link Google Assistant, and choose Link
  4. Enter your NOON account information to link Google Assistant to your NOON account. You will be redirected back to Google Assistant Home Control. 
  5. Tap+ to add devices in the Google Assistant app.
  6. Select NOON Home from the list and enter your NOON account information.
  7. Tap Done on the accounts linked confirmation page. 
  8. The Google Assistant app will give you the option to assign your lights to rooms you have set up in the Google Assistant app. Tap done to skip this step.
  9. When you return to the NOON App you will see your Google Assistant has been linked. 

Note: If linking from the NOON App does not work, you can also link directly to the Google Apps—instructions below.

To connect or control your NOON switches directly through Google apps, see these helpful Google support articles:

Syncing new Scenes or lights after setup

If you add, edit, or remove Scenes or NOON switches after you've already completed this setup you will need to ask Google to sync your lights. In this case, simply say "Ok Google, sync my lights" for Google to learn your new Scenes and devices. 

You can now talk or text to your devices with your Google Assistant app or Google Home device. 

How to control your NOON Lighting System with Google

Now that Google is linked to your NOON Lighting System, simply speak to Google Home/Assistant to control the lights in your room.

Try these phrases:

  • "OK Google, set the lights to Relax."
  • "OK Google, turn on the lights in the Living Room."

Multitasking with Google and NOON

Multitasking with Google allows you to execute multiple tasks in one command, such as:  

  • "Hey Google, switch on the lights and play some music."

How to disconnect Google Assistant in the NOON App

  1. Open the NOON App and tap in the upper left corner.
  2. Tap Works With > Google Assistant. 
  3. Tap your account email. 
  4. Tap to disconnect Google Assistant 
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