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NOON - Single-Pole Wiring Troubleshooting

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TitleNOON - Single-Pole Wiring Troubleshooting
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Single-Pole Wiring Troubleshooting

Below are some tips to help you fix the wiring for a single-pole switch.

For help with troubleshooting multi-way switch wiring, see multi-way installation troubleshooting.

Try the following steps:

  1. Turn power off at the circuit breaker
    • WARNING! Shock hazard. May result in serious injury or death. Turn off power at circuit breaker before checking the wiring.
  2. Remove the NOON switch, cover plate, and base before checking the wires.
  3. Make sure the labeled wires from the wall are correctly connected to the NOON base.
    1. Check the ground wire is connected (likely green or bare copper).
    2. Check the neutral wire is connected (likely white wires bundled in the back of the box).
    3. Check the Line wire is connected (often black)
    4. Check the Load wire is connected (often red or black)
    5. Make sure all the wires are secure by holding the wire connector and tugging each wire to make sure it doesn't come loose.
      • Tip: If the wire comes loose straighten the wires using wire strippers or pliers before inserting them into the wire connector.
    6. Reinstall the base and switch.
    7. Turn on the power at the circuit breaker.
    8. Click the switch. The light should turn on.
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