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NOON - Sharing a Line Wire

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TitleNOON - Sharing a Line Wire
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Sharing a Line Wire

When there is more than one light switch in a switch box, you may find only one line wire connected to all of the switches. In this case, you'll see a single wire (usually black) that is connected to multiple wires, each going to one of the switches. Look for a wire connector that has bundled a wire from each of the switches to a single wire.

Connecting NOON switches to a shared line wire 

A Line/Load wire from each NOON Base needs to be connected to the shared line wire. Once a shared Line wire is identified and labeled:

  1. Follow the installation guide or guided installation.
  2. When connecting the NOON Base wires, add one of the Line/Load wires from each NOON Base to the wire connector for the shared line wire. Use the original wire connector.
  3. Connect the other Line/Load wire from each NOON Base to its corresponding load wire.
  4. Complete the installation using the standard instructions.
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