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NOON - Personal Data Privacy and Security

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TitleNOON - Personal Data Privacy and Security
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Personal Data Privacy and Security

NOON is committed to respecting and protecting your personal information. We design our products and services with privacy in mind to ensure we only collect the data we need to provide you with the best experience possible and empower our users with clear and easy-to-use privacy controls.

We Won’t Sell Your Data

It’s just not part of our business model. We use your data to provide you our service, to research and improve our products and services, and to let you know about new products as we develop them.

For more information on what data we collect through our website and app and how we use it, please see our Privacy Policy.

For information on what data we collect through our products and hardware, please see our Privacy Statement.


Sharing Data with Third Parties

We only share data with third parties in limited situations, and only in ways, you would expect us to. We will share your data with external service providers, such as shipping partners when you order products through our website—but only the data they need, and only for its intended purpose. Lastly, we will share your information when legally obligated, such as when we receive a warrant or subpoena, or as part of a business transaction.

Our Privacy Policy describes each of these scenarios in greater detail. Please see the “When Will We Share Your Personal Data” section to learn more.


Your Data and Amazon Alexa

When you connect your NOON account with Amazon Alexa, your information is not shared with Amazon. Amazon receives an authorization token confirming we have verified your login, but Amazon never receives or accesses your NOON account or login information. Amazon may collect voice samples as part of its Alexa service, and that collection is controlled by Amazon’s privacy policy, but NOON does not store that data.

You may review the “Data Shared With Amazon” section of our Privacy Statement for more information.


Your Data and Law Enforcement

NOON complies with valid law enforcement information requests, such as warrants or subpoenas served on us. How we respond to law enforcement requests is limited by the amount of customer data we collect. If we are going to release your data, we will do our best to provide you with notice in advance by email, unless we are prohibited by law from doing so.

Please see the “When Will We Share Your Personal Data” section of our Privacy Policy to learn more.


Security of Your Data

We have worked hard to design NOON to be as secure as possible using industry standard security safeguards. This includes using HTTPS and TLS/SSL protocols when transmitting information between devices, and a secure Bluetooth Low Energy connection between devices. We also protect personal data through physically-separated servers and access controls.

The “Security” sections of our Privacy Policy and Privacy Statement each describe these safeguards in more detail.

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