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NOON - Learn More About Bulb Discovery

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TitleNOON - Learn More About Bulb Discovery
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Learn More About Bulb Discovery

Bulb Discovery happens during setup in the NOON App. During Bulb Discovery, an advanced algorithm analyzes and identifies the types of light bulbs installed in your light fixtures. This process also determines which bulbs are dimmable, and if so, selects the dimming method and range suitable for that specific type of light bulb. This ensures your NOON Lighting System will smoothly transition from on to off and prevent buzzing, popping, and flickering.


In rare instances, the bulb discovery process may not successfully detect a light bulb type. If this occurs, the NOON App will set the light bulb as “unknown” and treat it as a non-dimmable light bulb that can be turned on or off only, and not dimmed.


If a light bulb is marked as “unknown” by Bulb Discovery, or if you are experiencing flickering or other issues with a particular light bulb, try changing the bulb type in the NOON App. For instructions on how to change the bulb type with the NOON App, click here.

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