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NOON - How NOON Products Work Together

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TitleNOON - How NOON Products Work Together
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How NOON Products Work Together

Installs like a switch. Works like a system. The NOON Room Director wirelessly communicates with every NOON Extension Dimmer and Extension On/Off Switch in the room to achieve coordinated layered lighting. With one touch of the Room Director, you can turn on every light in the room or home, or dim certain fixtures to set the perfect scene based on your activity or mood. The more lights you connect to your NOON Lighting System, the more scenes you can create with layered lighting principles, making your home look and feel its best.



You'll need one Room Director in each room, and up to 10 Extension Dimmer and/or Extension On/Off Switches can be connected to each Room Director. The Room Director and Extension Switches communicate over a secure Bluetooth LE connection. So even if your Wi-Fi goes down, you’ll still have complete control over the lights from that room’s Room Director.


A NOON Room Director also connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network, making it easy to create both room and home scenes, and set up your NOON products through the NOON App. The NOON App also lets you see and control your lights from anywhere you have an internet connection.


To learn more about layered lighting and scenes, see About Scenes.

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