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NOON - Learn More About Light Fixtures

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TitleNOON - Learn More About Light Fixtures
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Learn More About Light Fixtures

NOON works with your existing light fixtures, bulb type, and room type to bring coordinated, layered lighting to your home. The NOON Lighting System automatically coordinates your light fixtures so they work together to create three scenes of layered light. 


Common types of light fixtures


Recessed lights flush-mount to the ceiling. Use these for ambient downlighting or to highlight an area. They may create shadows so be sure to layer with other fixtures in the room. 

Recessed Accent

Recessed accent lights flush-mount to the ceiling and can be angled to concentrate light. They are used to showcase art and architectural details. When using recessed accent lights be sure to look for glare and proper balance with other lights in the room.

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling light fixtures mount directly to the ceiling and may have multiple bulbs. These lights are good for general ambient lighting. To set a different mood, be sure to dim these.

Track Lights

A track light mounts to the ceiling with lights that can be positioned anywhere along the track. Track lights can draw attention to art and other objects. Beware of glare and properly adjust track lights to play well with other lights in the room.


Pendants are single light fixtures suspended from the ceiling by their own wire or rod. Adjust these little attention-grabbers to blend with the other lights in the room and watch for glare.


Chandeliers hang from the ceiling and often have more than one light bulb. Chandeliers tend to draw attention to themselves, so consider dimming the other lights in the room to let the chandelier shine.

Wall Sconce

Sconces mount to the wall. Use them to add a nice layer of light from an unexpected direction, and dim to balance a room and prevent glare.

Display Lights

Display lights usually mount to the wall and are used to accent artwork. Be sure to dim other lights in the room accordingly.

Under Cabinet

Under cabinet lights illuminate countertops and other surfaces. They are perfect for helping you complete a task.

Vanity Lights

Vanity fixtures mount to the wall and are usually found in bathrooms. Vanity lights are task lights for the bathroom. Turn them up when applying your makeup, and turn them down for a bubble bath.

Outdoor Light

Outdoor lights illuminate any exterior part of the home.  

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