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Troubleshooting: Savant Smart Lights Losing Color Settings Over Time

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TitleTroubleshooting: Savant Smart Lights Losing Color Settings Over Time
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If your Smart Lights were set to a particular color, but after some time lose their color setting and revert to white, there are a few possible causes which could explain the issue.
  • If a light set to a color loses power at the source, either because of fluctuating voltage or other power issues, or because it has been manually turned off and back on from the lamp, fixture, or switch it is connected to, the light will revert back to the default white color when powered back on.
  • If the Smart Light has been deleted from your user configuration in the Savant Lighting TrueImage app, this will cause the light to reset to factory defaults and lose any color settings.
If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact Savant Support.
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