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Savant Smart Light will not turn on

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TitleSavant Smart Light will not turn on
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Should any of the Savant Smart Lights fail to activate when being turned on from the App or Switch, please follow the steps below before contacting Savant Support.

Step #1: Check for a Dimmer Switch.
  • Like many LED light bulbs, Savant Smart Lighting is not compatible with dimmer switches. This includes wall switches that have dimming capabilities as well as lamps, overhead lights and other lighting fixtures that may have variable power supplies.
  • Please confirm that your Smart Light is not in a dimmer fixture before proceeding to step 2.
Step #2: Different Fixture.
  • If the Savant Smart Light was in a dimmer fixture or controlled by a dimmer switch, relocate the Smart Light to a different lighting fixture.
  • Once verified that the Smart Light was not in a fixture/switch with dimming capabilities, relocate the bulb to a different fixture. This will help identify if the bulb itself is defective or if it could be a specific issue with the lighting fixture itself.
Step #3: If you need further assistance, please contact Savant Support.
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