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Savant Smart Light Color Rendering Index (CRI): How Well Will Savant Smart Lights Show Color?

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TitleSavant Smart Light Color Rendering Index (CRI): How Well Will Savant Smart Lights Show Color?
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Savant Lighting Color Rendering Index (CRI)

Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a rating of how well a particular light source reflects colors as compared to natural sunlight.  CRI is measured on a 0 to 100 scale, with 100 meaning the light will reflect and show the full spectrum of colors which are visible in full natural sunlight.

A particular light's CRI rating is important, because it measures how well that light will show color in the environment it is illuminating.  Many LED or fluorescent lights which may produce the same color temperature and luminosity as a comparable standard incandescent light will nevertheless make the room they're placed in look 'flat' or washed-out.  This is due to a low CRI. 

Those fluorescent office overhead lights make your complexion look pale; the new energy efficient LED bulbs you tried out which made everything in your home look dull and lifeless; these are examples of potential issues caused by lighting with a low CRI.

On average, most fluorescent lighting has a CRI of around 50, while LED lighting generally has a CRI of approximately 80.

Savant Lighting A19 standard and BR30 flood bulbs both have a CRI of 97, meaning they show nearly all the color variations which natural sunlight does.

Your Savant Lighting will show all the color variation in your new carpeting, bring out the grain and patina of your wood floors, make all the highlights of your new leather sofa pop, and reduce your risk of heading to work with mismatched socks, or at least the risk of doing so because navy and black looked the same under your bedroom lighting.


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