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How To Reset Savant Smart Lights

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TitleHow To Reset Savant Smart Lights
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If you need to reset your Savant Smart Lights to their factory default state for any reason, there are two possible methods which can be followed:
  1.  Resetting Smart Lights Through the Savant Lighting TrueImage App
    • Within the Savant Lighting TrueImage app, tap Settings at the top left corner of the main All Rooms control page
    • Choose Manage Lights from the list of menu options.  
    • Swipe left or right until the Smart Light you want to reset is highlighted in the center purple frame, and the physical light blinks the same color.
    • Tap the trash icon at the top left corner of the selected Device card
    • Tap Delete at the confirmation prompt to remove the light from your configuration and reset it.
  2.  Resetting Smart Lights by Cycling Power
  • Using the switch or lighting fixture your Smart Light is powered by, turn it off and back on four times
  • Make sure to allow about 1 second for the light to completely come on before shutting it off again each time.
  • When you turn the light back on the fourth time, it will reset.
Once you have completed either one of the above processes, look for your light to cycle through a series of colors to confirm it has been reset. 
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