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Why can't I find the Savant devices?

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TitleWhy can't I find the Savant devices?
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Ensure that the following conditions are met in order to locate Savant devices:
  • Using the Savant App; not Savant Pro 7 or Savant Pro 8.
  • Mobile device is on a 2.4GHz WiFi frequency.
  • Bluetooth is on and not connected to any other Bluetooth devices.
  • Host is powered.
  • Remote Base is powered.
  • Remote has at least some charge.
  • Check battery power of the Blaster by pressing the button on the bottom; if the LED does not react, new batteries are needed. 
  • Lamp Control is plugged in a powered outlet.
  • Remove all protective plastic on/around the Host, Remote Base, and Blaster.
  • Savant devices are within 30ft of the mobile device using the Savant App. 
  • Power cycle the Remote Base and Host by unplugging them for 30 seconds each and then plugging them back in. 

If the above conditions are met and the Savant device(s) are still not found in the Savant App, contact Savant Support for additional assistance. 
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