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What is the different between Guided Setup and I Know My Model Number?

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TitleWhat is the different between Guided Setup and I Know My Model Number?
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Guided Setup is the process by which Savant uses IR code tests and a complex algorithm in the App to find the best-fitting codes for your device. While it might require multiple button tests (up to 30 for some AVRs or other complex devices), it ensures a high-quality control experience. We always recommend using Guided Setup.

While using "I Know My Model Number" may appear to be a more direct way to add devices, this method does not allow the Savant App to use its algorithm to find the best fit and relies completely on the model number. Manufacturers often change model numbers or use multiple numbers for the same product. As such, we recommend using the Guided Setup option.

Note: As the Guided Setup option provides a much better experience, "I Know My Model Number" will not be available as the primary installation path following an upcoming software update.

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