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What do I do if my devices or services get out of sync?

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TitleWhat do I do if my devices or services get out of sync?
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If a device or service is turned on or off using anything other than the Savant Remote or Savant App, the system may get out of sync. 

For example: If the TV was turned on with the Savant Remote and you turn it off using the original manufacturer remote, when you try to turn the TV on again using the Savant Remote it may not work. This occurs because the system isn't able to recognize the state the TV is currently in.

To bring a device or service back into sync using the Savant Remote:

1. Tap the service or device you're trying fix on the Services screen.
2. Tap the gray question mark at the bottom of the screen.
3. The Remote will prompt you to check the Remote Base for any items blocking the line of sight or connection issues.
4.  If there's no issue with the line of sight or connection, tap GOT IT. 
  • If an item is obstructing the line of sight between your Remote Base and the device you are attempting to control, remove the obstruction and tap GOT IT.
  • If there is a connection issue with the Remote Base, unplug the power cord and re-insert after 30 seconds; return to Step 1.
5. The Remote asks you if your TV or service is on; answer accordingly and follow the on-screen instructions until the issue is resolved. 

Note: Lamp Controls cannot be brought back into sync using this method. The lamp connected to the Lamp Control must be powered on for the Remote/App to be able to control it. 

If for some reason you are unable to bring the system back into sync, please contact Savant Support. 
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