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Using Voice Commands on the Savant Remote

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TitleUsing Voice Commands on the Savant Remote
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Your Savant Remote makes it easy to use voice commands to control your Savant Home.

In order to use the Voice commands,
all the services must be set up and all the Favorites must be selected beforehand.

To use voice commands, simply press the Voice Command button (the button with an image of a microphone on it) on your Remote and say your command:

  • Say “VOICE COMMANDS” to display a list of supported voice commands.
  • Say the name of a favorite channel, like “FOOD NETWORK” or “ESPN.”
  • Say the name of a service, such as “APPLE TV” to automatically switch inputs.
  • Adjust the lights with a simple, “LIGHTS ON” or “DIMMER.”
  • Say the name of a scene you have created, like “RELAX,” which could cue up a favorite Sonos playlist and dim the lights.
NOTE:The microphone in your Savant Remote turns on only when you press the Voice Command button.
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