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Savant Blaster Troubleshooting

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TitleSavant Blaster Troubleshooting
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How many devices can a single Blaster control?
Each Blaster can control an unlimited amount of devices, however, they can only control devices within their line-of-sight. In the configuration below, for example, one Blaster could not have a line-of-sight with all three devices because they are on separate shelves. 


My Blaster seems to be sending commands intermittently.
1. Verify Blaster has clear line-of-sight with the device it is controlling.

2.The IR emitters in the Blasters are in a forward and rearward facing "cone" within the Blaster itself. To ensure the best IR output of the Blaster; point the open "V" in the "SAVANT" logo on the top of the Blaster towards the device needing  control.

How far can my Blaster be from the rest of my Savant devices?
Blasters must be within 30 feet of the respective Savant Remote base to which they are assigned.

How do I change control of one of my devices to a Blaster in lieu of the Remote Base?
1. Navigate to the Devices panel within the Savant App and tap Savant Remote.
2. Tap AV DEVICES and swipe to the device card requiring control change.
3. Tap SETTINGS on the device card.
4. Tap Signal Source.
5. Change this from the Savant Remote Base to the appropriate Blaster.
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