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How to Replace a Savant Remote

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TitleHow to Replace a Savant Remote
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Replacing just the Savant Remote (keeping the original charging base)

If you receive a replacement Remote from Savant, depending on the situation, you may need or either replace just the Remote or both the base and Remote. The information for your components and control of those components are stored in the Base, so we will want to pair your new remote with the existing base. Below are the steps necessary to swap the remotes out and get the system up and running again.

- First, go into the Savant App and select "Devices". From this screen, you'll need to select the Savant Remote, which will bring you to a screen that will show a card for the remote. Triple-tap (or press and hold for Android users) on this card to generate the Unique ID (UID) for this Remote. Make note of this UID, and write it down.

- Next, we'll want to take this UID and make it into a usable MAC address. Take the last four characters (-001F) off the end, and subtract one alphanumeric digit from the last character.

** For example, if your UID is 80A589604973 001F, your MAC address will be 80:A5:89:60:49:72. Make note of this sequence, as this is what we will use to pair your NEW handheld remote to the EXISTING Remote Base to preserve the settings. **

- Once you have the MAC address, we'll need to launch the handheld Remote into DEBUG Mode. Take your NEW handheld Remote and turn it off by pressing and holding the power button. Press and hold the MUTE and LAST buttons simultaneously, and tap the power button on top. Continue holding the MUTE + LAST buttons until you see the Savant logo. If done successfully, you will see DEBUG MENU at the top of the screen with 5 options.

- Select "Diagnostic" from the Debug Menu and you will be presented with the MAC address options. From the list, click the field below "Base Address". You will be brought to a keypad, where you'll be prompted to enter a new MAC address. This is where we will enter the MAC address that we wrote down, that derived from the UID of the EXISTING Remote Base.

Once completed, the Savant Remote will reboot. If this process has been done successfully, your NEW handheld Remote will identify itself as the Remote that is paired to the EXISTING Remote Base, and will gather the information about your connected components for use.

Replacing a Savant Remote & the Remote Base

In the event that a Remote and it's charging base needs to be replaced, you will need to remove the old Remote (along with any associated AV equipment and Blasters) from the Savant App. Afterward, the replacement Remote will need to be configured and AV equipment/Blasters re-added. 
To remove the old Remote:
  1. From the Home screen of the Savant App, tap Devices.
  2. Tap on the Remote to be removed.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Note which devices are connected to the Remote.
  5. Tap the “X” on the Remote to remove it from the system.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions and wait for the system to be updated.
To add the new Remote:
  1. Plug in the Remote Base and wait for the LED status light on the bottom to blink yellow.
  2. Turn on the Remote and seat it in the Base.
  3. From the Home screen of the Savant App, tap Devices.
  4. Tap the + in the upper left corner.
  5.  Under Add Remotes or Lamp Controllers, tap Begin.
  6. Follow the instructions to find the Remote and assign it to a room
Once the new Remote is connected in the App, re-add any AV equipment and Blasters that were connected to the original Remote. 
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