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Product Discontinuation Notification - Savant Host, Remote, Blaster for 1.x

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TitleProduct Discontinuation Notification - Savant Host, Remote, Blaster for 1.x
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Product Discontinuation Notification


ProductSAV-REM-KIT1, SAV-REM-0100, SAV-BLT-0200, SAV-HST-0600
Discontinuation Date:June 30, 2017



Savant is discontinuing the Savant Remote and Host Kit (SAV-REM-KIT1), the Savant Remote (SAV-HST-0600), the Savant Remote (SAV-REM-0100), and the Savant Blaster (SAV-BLT-0200).

Customer Impact

For all new sales, Savant recommends using the Simple Host and Pro Remote Kit (HST-SIMPLEKIT-00) alongside the Savant Pro 8 App.

Clearance Considerations

Limited inventory may be available on a first come, first serve basis under Savant's Clearance Program. Items purchased as part of a Clearance Program have a 90-day warranty. The product will no longer be available for out of warranty purchases once the inventory is depleted.

Support Considerations

There will be no future development or fixes for these products or the associated 1.x software versions. Existing systems will continue to receive support within warranty.

Existing systems may also be upgraded to da Vinci 8.3 or later. The Savant Blaster is planned to be supported in a future release.

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