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Power Button on Savant Remote Screen

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TitlePower Button on Savant Remote Screen
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With the 1.2 update, the Savant Remote now offers a new way to power off your devices.

Tapping the orange power button on the bottom right corner of the Savant Remote screen now gives you options for powering off specific services or the whole system. By tapping the service name you'll be able to turn off that specific service while tapping the "Room Off" option will turn off all active services in the room. 

Below is an example of a Savant Home with Xfinity cable service and a Savant Lamp Control on in the Living Room. If the room did not have a Lamp Control, "Xfinity Off" would be the only option. 
Savant Remote 1.2 power off screen

Not only does this feature give you options for more control over your Savant Home, but it will also prevent inadvertently powering off the system.
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