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How do I set up and configure my Savant Remote?

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TitleHow do I set up and configure my Savant Remote?
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  1. Unpack the Savant Remote.

  2. Plug in the Remote Base using the power cable included with your Remote.
  3. Position the Remote Base so that it has a clear line of sight to any TVs or devices that you want to control without using Savant Blasters.
  4. Position a Savant Blaster next to any device you want to control with your Savant Remote that is not in a direct line of sight with the Remote Base.
    • The Remote Base communicates over Bluetooth with the Remote Blaster, which issues IR commands to the device.
    • To support Bluetooth communications, each Blaster must be within 30 feet of the Remote Base.
    • A single Blaster can communicate with multiple entertainment devices as long as they are close by and not blocked from a line of sight from the Blaster.
  5. Follow the instructions in the Savant App, Host, and Lamp Control User Guide to add your Savant Remote and your devices to your Savant Home. The Savant App also enables you to pair Blasters with specific devices.
To configure the Savant Remote do the following:

The Savant Remote communicates with your entertainment devices through infrared communications (IR), the same wireless technology used by most remote controls to send signals to TVs and other devices. For IR signals to work, they need an unobstructed line of sight between the sender and the receiver. To improve the signal strength of IR communications, your Savant Remote Base contains six IR blasters, which allows it to send IR signals up to thirty feet in all directions.

If you have devices that are hidden in cabinets, positioned in other rooms, or blocked in any way from a direct line of sight of the Remote Base, you will need to set up Savant Blasters, one in direct line of sight with each blocked device or group of devices that you want to control. Each Blaster communicates with the Remote Base over Bluetooth, enabling the Remote to send signals even without a direct line of sight.

When you issue a command to a hidden device with the Remote, the Remote Base relays the command over Bluetooth to the Blaster that is paired with the device. The Blaster, with its clear line of sight to the device, transmits the command over IR. This sequence–from Remote to Remote Base to Blaster to device–occurs quickly, giving you near real-time control over devices hidden in cabinets or blocked by other types of obstacles.

To maintain a reliable signal over Bluetooth, all Blasters should be positioned within 30 feet of the Remote Base.

If you are using Savant Blasters, the Savant Guided Setup setup process will guide you to identify which entertainment devices each Blaster is controlling.

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