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How do I set up Savant Devices?

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TitleHow do I set up Savant Devices?
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  1. Confirm that your Savant Host is plugged in and turned on.
    When the Host is plugged in, you should see a yellow LED status light near the power connection on the back of the Host.
  2. If you have any Savant products such as a Savant Remote or Savant Lamp Controllers, unpack them and plug them in.
    • If you are setting up a Savant Remote, make sure the Remote Base has a clear line of sight your television and other entertainment devices. The Base should be located within 30 feet of your devices.
    • If cabinet doors or any other obstacle obstructs the line of sight from the Savant Remote Base to a device that you want to control, place a Savant Blaster next to the devices so that the Blaster can relay commands from your Savant Remote. If your devices are on separate shelves within a cabinet, you may need a Blaster for each shelf. Note: you must use the Savant Remote to control your devices during setup. After setup, you can use the Savant App to delegate devices to Blaster(s) for control.
    • If you are setting up a Savant Lamp Controller, plug it into a wall outlet. Then plug the lamp you want to control into the Lamp Controller. Turn the lamp on. Note: the lamp must always be physically on in order for the Lamp Control to turn it on/off. 
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