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How do I control distributed Sonos Audio from the Savant Remote?

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TitleHow do I control distributed Sonos Audio from the Savant Remote?
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  • As of 1.1, The Savant Remote now supports control of distributed audio from multiple Sonos Devices.
  • Content can be played simultaneously in rooms that have Sonos.
  • Volume can be individually controlled from within Savant.
  • Sonos must be connected, working, and visible as a service in the Savant App.
  • Sonos and Savant room names must match.

To use the new distributed audio feature:
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1. Select Sonos from the Services screen of the Savant Remote.

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2. Select the drop down arrow to the right of the Room Name at the top of the screen.
(In this example the drop down arrow next to Living Room.)

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3. Select one or more rooms you would like to control, then press the ADD button at the bottom-right of the screen.

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4. This final screen allows for both Volume Control of individual Sonos Devices and Power On/Off.

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