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How do I add an entertainment device after my Savant Home has been set up?

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TitleHow do I add an entertainment device after my Savant Home has been set up?
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To add an entertainment device after you have completed your initial set up of your Savant Home, do the following:

  1. Tap Devices on the Home View of your Savant App.
  2. On the Devices screen, tap the plus sign (+).
  3. Scroll to the panel labeled Add Entertainment Devices and tap Begin.
    The Savant App displays a list of the types of devices you can add
  4. Tap all the types of devices you want to add; for example; AV receiver and Apple TV.
  5. Tap Next.
    The Savant App reminds you to turn on all your devices.
  6. Tap Done.
    The Savant App displays a message saying it is ready to connect your devices.
  7. Tap Continue.
    The Savant App displays panels listing the devices you selected.
  8. Tap Set Up under the name of the device you want to add next. The Savant App displays buttons for testing the IR Signals and IR connectivity of your entertainment devices. The app will display a sequence of commands and confirm if your AV device responded accordingly.
  9. Tap input buttons until the correct input is displayed on your TV.
    • Once the device responds, tap Next.
      If you have not entered the manufacturer and model number for the device you are adding, your Savant App displays a series of buttons for testing the connection to this device and confirming its model.
    • Follow the App’s instructions for tapping buttons and testing your device’s responses. Once the Savant App has determined the manufacturer and model number, it displays a green button to test the connection to the device.
  10. Tap the green button.
    The Savant App asks if the device responded to the command. If the device did not respond, try the test again. Once the device has responded, tap Yes.
    You have now finished setting up this device.
  11. Select another device to set up or tap Done.
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