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How do I add a Sonos Device after my Savant Home has been set up?

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TitleHow do I add a Sonos Device after my Savant Home has been set up?
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To add a Sonos device after you have completed initial setup of your Savant Home, do the following:

  1. Unpack the Sonos device and plug it in. Follow the instructions provided by Sonos for adding the device to your Sonos account.
    The Savant App automatically scans the Wi-Fi network for new Sonos devices. When it finds one, it displays a notification on the Home View.
  2. Tap the notification for the new Sonos devices. (Or tap the "+" on the Devices panel and swipe left until the Sonos panel is displayed and select Begin.)
  3. Tap Begin in the panel for the Sonos device you want to add.
    • To determine which Sonos is associated with a particular panel, tap Locate on the bottom of the panel. A LED status light will blink on the Sonos device associated with that panel in the App.
  4. Tap the panel of the Sonos device you want to add and assign it to a room.
    • If you assigned the Sonos device to a room when setting it up with your Sonos app and that room matches a room already set up in your Savant App, the Savant App automatically assigns the device to that room in the Savant App.
    • Otherwise, select the room type to which you want to add the device.
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