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Changing Configuration Settings

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TitleChanging Configuration Settings
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  1. From the Devices Panel, tap the Savant Remote
  2. Select Settings on the Remote you wish to edit. If more than one Remote exists in the configuration, swipe to view other Remotes.
  3. Ensure the Remote tab is selected at the top left, tap Settings on the Remote's card.
  4. Within the Remote's Settings menu, there are several options that can be changed.
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  • Tapping Input Switcher will allow you to change the current input switching configuration for the room between one of the three initial setup configurations.
    • NOTE: Changing the Input Switcher configuration will likely result in unmapped connections, requiring some or all source components to be re-configured.
  • Tapping Volume Controller will allow you to change what component the Savant Remote will send volume commands for. This will generally be a choice between the TV and either an AV Receiver, Soundbar or Sound System.
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