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Apple TV Troubleshooting

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TitleApple TV Troubleshooting
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If you are having problems with control of your Apple TV using your Savant system, please check the following first:
  • Make sure that the Apple TV has been added as a device in your Savant App, and is configured correctly.  Any devices with configuration errors will show as Unconfigured on the Devices page of the Savant App.  An alert will also appear on the Home View screen requesting that you Repair the unconfigured device.  The App will walk you through getting your device configured properly.
  • Verify that the Savant device which is set as the controller for your Apple TV, (either the Remote Base, or a Blaster, depending on your configuration,) has a clear line-of-sight to your Apple TV.

If you are still having problems with control of your Apple TV, check some of the specific issues and troubleshooting steps below:

If Your Apple TV is Not Responding to Commands or Only Responds Intermittently

1.) Confirm the firmware is up to date.

2.) If you see the white light on the front of the Apple TV unit flashing when commands are sent from the Savant Blaster or the Savant Remote Base, but there is no control from either the Savant Remote or the Savant App:
  1. Use the Apple TV remote to navigate to General Settings.
  2. Select Remote Settings.
  3. Un-pair the Apple TV remote.
  4. Test the Savant Remote and Savant App.
3.) Pull power cord from the Apple TV and do a hard re-boot. Check again to make sure the firmware is up to date.

If Your Apple TV is Not Powering On and Off

By design, Apple TVs never fully power off unless they are unplugged, so your Apple TV is not intended to be turned on and off during regular use.  Instead, the Apple TV goes into a sleep/standby mode when not in active use.  As this is by design, the Savant Remote performs accordingly, and will not power off an Apple TV.
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