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Savant App User Guide - da Vinci 9.4 and Higher

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TitleSavant App User Guide - da Vinci 9.4 and Higher
Full Description

Savant App™ User Guide

Document Number:009-1838-06
Document Date:Updated July 2023
Document Supports:Savant Pro App version 9.4 and Higher


This User Guide provides an overview of the features and functions of the Savant Pro App (version 9.4 and higher), available on iOS and
Android mobile devices. Topics covered by this document include but are not limited to:

  • General overview of Savant Pro App layout and navigation,
  • Savant Pro App user account creation and management,
  • Associating a newly created user profile with a Savant System Host,
  • Creating, editing, and scheduling Scenes to activate saved service settings quickly and easily,
  • Configuring and managing Favorites to activate TV services and recall favorite channels with a single press,
  • Advanced application settings including custom home and room photos, notifications, keypad settings, and more.

To view or download a .pdf version of this document, click here:  009-1838-06 Savant Pro App User Guide [Version 9.4 and Higher].pdf
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