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Sonos Volume and Savant

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TitleSonos Volume and Savant
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January 2018


Volume Control and Fixed vs Variable Audio Output

Volume will automatically be set to either fixed or variable for each Sonos source device, depending on the Blueprint configuration, and the desired volume controller for the service path. 

For example:
  • If the Sonos Connect distributes audio via an AVR or amplifier where the AVR or amplifier is the volume control resource for the signal path, the Sonos Connect volume will be set to fixed. In this case, the volume slider in the Savant Pro App will control volume on the AVR or amplifier.
  • If the Sonos Connect is the volume controller, it will be set to variable by Savant, and the appropriate service paths and resources should be selected in Blueprint. In this configuration, the volume slider in the Savant Pro App will change the volume on the Sonos Connect.

Note: If the Sonos app is used directly to change the volume output from fixed to variable or vice versa, the next time the Sonos service is accessed via the Savant system, Savant will automatically set the volume back to the output type called for by the Blueprint configuration, (fixed if the Sonos device is not selected as the volume controller, or variable if it is).

Savant does not recommend use of the Sonos app directly to control or set volume for Sonos services which are being controlled through Savant. This will ensure that the system's functionality matches the configuration defined in Blueprint, avoiding confusion or potential issues.

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