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Savant Pro App Lighting Service User Guide

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TitleSavant Pro App Lighting Service User Guide
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Savant Pro App Lighting Service User Guide

Document Number:009-1696-00
Document Date:January 2019
Document Supports:Savant Pro App version 8.8 and Higher

This User Guide provides an overview of the Savant Pro 8 App Lighting Service, with details on features and functionality, including:
  • A walkthrough of all Lighting screens in the Pro 8 App, their locations, and the control options presented on each,
  • A guide to the Savant Pro App TrueImage feature, including how to add custom images, select colors, manage settings, and save Favorites,
  • Controlling installer programmed lighting scenes, and information on how they differ from Pro 8 App User Scenes,
  • Adding Lighting elements to a Pro 8 App User Scene,
  • Adding a Pro 8 App User Scene to a keypad button.
To view or download a .PDF version of this document, click here:  009-1696-00 Savant Pro App Lighting Service User Guide

Table of Contents

To open the .PDF version of this document directly to the relevant section, click any of the links in the table below.
1. Lighting Home Page 
2. Lighting Room Pages 
    2.1 Lighting Slider Page 
    2.2 Lighting Scenes Page 
    2.3 Global Room Control Page 
3. TrueImage and Savant Lighting Color Options 
    3.1 Savant Color Selector Dock Icons 
    3.2 Full Spectrum Color Picker 
    3.3 Kelvin Selector 
    3.4 Warm Glow Selector 
    3.5 RGBW Color Picker 
    3.6 Favorites 
    3.7 Lighting Distribution 
4. Lighting in Savant Pro App User Scenes 
    4.1 Adding a Scene to a Lighting Keypad Button 
Appendix A: TrueImage Photo Settings 
Important Notice 
URL NameSavant-Pro-App-Lighting-Service-User-Guide


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