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NOON Discontinuation - Savant Pro Upgrade Option

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TitleNOON Discontinuation - Savant Pro Upgrade Option
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NOON Discontinuation - Savant Pro Upgrade Option

Savant is discontinuing support for the NOON Lighting app as of February 28th, 2023. For more information and an overview of the upgrade options available to existing NOON Lighting customers prior to the discontinuation date, see the Product Discontinuation Notice HERE.

For customers who have elected to take advantage of the Savant Pro upgrade option, follow the steps below before the February 28, 2023 NOON Cloud discontinuation date. This solution offers an upgrade to a Savant Pro system with a free Savant S2 Host. The Host must be installed by a Best Buy Design Center or other authorized Savant dealer, and is capable of integrating with existing NOON devices to maintain functionality, while also enabling expansion into other areas of Savant's full smart home solution.

Services provided by Best Buy or other Savant Pro installers will be billed directly from the provider - all fees should be discussed with the provider prior to installation.


Steps Needed to Go Pro

  1. Customers must fill out this form.
  2. A Savant Support Team Member will reach out and coordinate shipment of a Savant S2 Host. (Valued at $605)
  3. A Savant Retail Team Member will reach out and coordinate the installation and programming of the Savant Host with the nearest Best Buy Design Center. If outside of Best Buy Design Center service area, Savant will work to coordinate with an alternative local installer.
  4. Before 2/28/23 log in to the NOON app and verify that all devices are on the latest firmware: 3.0.1160.
  5. Have at least one hardwired network port and electrical outlet available for the new Savant S2 Host.
  6. Check out all the great features of the Savant platform and our wide range of the best smart home products available:


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