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NOON Discontinuation - Frequently Asked Questions

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TitleNOON Discontinuation - Frequently Asked Questions
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NOON Discontinuation - Frequently Asked Questions

The questions and answers below address a number of frequent inquiries from our customers regarding the NOON app discontinuation, and the available upgrade options for customers with existing NOON-only systems.  For more information regarding the discontinuation, which is set to take effect February 28th, 2023, refer to the Discontinuation Notice HERE .

Q: How can I check the current firmware version of my NOON devices?

A: The firmware version of NOON Directors and Switches can be viewed within the NOON app by tapping the menu icon at the upper left of the screen, then choosing Rooms > [Room Name] > [Lights Name] > [Switch Name]. Note that the current firmware version of the base does not impact any of the upgrade options. For more information, view the support article HERE .

Q: If I choose the Savant Pro upgrade option, will I need to use the Savant app?

A: Yes; after upgrading to a Savant Pro system with integration of existing NOON devices, the Savant app is used for control from your iOS or Android device, or to assign Scenes to configured NOON buttons. Integrated NOON devices can still be used for control without the Savant app once configured.

Q: Will NOON switches continue to be sold?

A: Yes, NOON products will continue to be available through Savant dealers. Following discontinuation of the NOON app on February 28th, 2023, new devices will only be available for integration into a Savant Pro system through an authorized Savant installer.

Q: How much does it cost to install a Savant Host?

A: The cost of installing and configuring a Savant Pro system can vary based on a number of factors, including number of NOON devices you have installed, the installation company you are working with, and your location. The best way to explore the Savant Pro upgrade option and get an estimate of associated costs for your home is to follow the steps outlined HERE. After submitting the relevant form, a Savant retail team member will reach out to assist with next steps, including scheduling an estimate.

Q: Which 3rd-party integrations or accessories is a Savant Pro system compatible with?

A: Savant Pro systems are capable of integration with a wide range of 3rd-party products and accessories, including popular options like Apple HomeKit, Amazon Echo/Alexa, and Google Home, in addition to many products in the entertainment, lighting, environmental, and even smart power spaces.  To learn more about what a Savant Pro system is capable of, follow the steps outlined HERE to speak with a Savant representative.

Q: Can I still DIY configure my NOON keypads with a Savant Host?

A: When upgrading to a Savant Pro system, NOON devices will need to be initially configured by your Savant dealer. Buttons programmed to run Savant Scenes during initial dealer configuration allow you to assign any user-created Scene to the button, and change or edit at any time via the Savant app.

Q: Can I change scenes from a Cync switch like I do with my NOON keypads?

A: Scenes for Cync devices can be created, edited, applied, and scheduled via the Cync app; however the ability to assign scenes to a button or switch is not currently available with Cync smart home systems. This feature is available with Savant Pro (see above).
Cync products are not currently able to match this feature exactly, but Cync Wire-Free Remotes do offer "Group" control.  Group control is configured in the Cync app, and allows you to place multiple lights in a group, then place a Wire-Free Remote in the same group to control the lights together.  Wire-Free Remotes come in a hand-held style as well as a wall-mount style that fits in a Decora faceplate and does not require an electrical backbox. This solution requires the additional purchase and install of a Wire-Free Remote.

Q: Which Cync Switches are being offered as part of the DIY replacement option?

A: Customers who choose to replace their existing NOON devices with Cync products will receive a 4-Wire Cync Smart Dimmer Switch or 4-Wire Cync Smart Button Switch to replace each NOON product in their existing system.

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