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NOON Discontinuation - Cync Replacement Option

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TitleNOON Discontinuation - Cync Replacement Option
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NOON Discontinuation - Cync Replacement Option

Savant is discontinuing support for the NOON Lighting app as of February 28th, 2023. For more information and an overview of the upgrade options available to existing NOON Lighting customers prior to the discontinuation date, see the Product Discontinuation Notice HERE.

For customers who have elected to take advantage of the Cync replacement option, follow the steps below before the February 28, 2023 NOON Cloud discontinuation date. This solution offers customer-installable Cync equivalent products as replacements for existing NOON devices.


Steps Needed for Cync DIY Replacement

  1. Existing NOON customers must fill out this form.
  2. A Savant team member may reach out for more information to facilitate processing of your upgrade.
  3. For each installed NOON device, Savant will provide one 4-Wire Cync Smart Dimmer Switch or 4-Wire Cync Smart Button Switch.
  4. Once the replacement devices are received, the customer or a licensed electrician must follow the installation instructions .
  5. Download the Cync app for iOS or Android to configure and use the new light switches.
  6. Check out the many capabilities of the Cync platform by GE Lighting, a Savant Company HERE.


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