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New Scenes and Scheduling Features are Now Available!

We heard your feedback and made changes for the best possible experience.


Update Cync App UI


Navigate to your Scenes and Schedules by selecting Routines on your Home in the Cync app.




Scenes and Schedules are now separate.

Scenes and Schedules have their own section in the app under Routines, and you can Schedule an individual device without creating a Scene.





Enable and disable Schedules with a simple toggle switch.




Add an end time to a Schedule so you can turn off devices without creating another Schedule.




Set Schedules to Sunrise or Sunset.

Developed to be more dynamic and follow real time light changes, you can also set specific offsets for either sunrise and sunset as well.




Select individual devices to Schedule.

You are now able to create Schedules with individual devices. Schedules can still be created using Scenes.




Preview Scenes in the Scene Creator.

Check out exactly what your Scene will look like when activated by trying the Preview button. Stop Previewing will revert your devices back to as they were.




Duplicate your favorite Scenes to make easy changes.




Reorder your existing Scenes.

Reorganize your existing and new Scenes to fit your lifestyle.




Explore the updated Cync App now.

iOS | Android


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