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Common Account Questions

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TitleCommon Account Questions
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“My email address is not found” message displayed when I tried to log in.

  1. Make sure you are attempting to sign in with the email you used to register for the Savant App.
  2. Check all email folders (including Spam folder) for a follow-up verification email with the subject line: Please verify your email address.
  3. Open the email and select the Verify Email Address box.
  4. ​If you are still unable to login to the Savant App, contact Savant Support.


How do I reset my Savant account password?

  1. Open the Savant App.
  2. On the sign-in page, select I Forgot My Password.
  3. Select Reset. You will receive a password reset email.
  4. Select Reset My Password in the email.
  5. Follow the instructions to complete the password reset.

How do I add users to my system?

  1. Tap the Profile icon. 
  2. Tap the + sign.
  3. Choose a user type: Guest, Household, or Admin.
  4. Enter the email of the new user and select Send Invite.
  5. The new user will create their password when they receive the invitation email.
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