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Common Sonos Questions

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TitleCommon Sonos Questions
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How can I add Sonos to a Scene? 

You can add Sonos to a Scene either by capturing the Sonos service or by building a Scene via the Savant App. (Note: this feature is available only if the Host and Savant App have been updated to version 1.2.)

To capture a Scene, activate all the Services/settings you would like in your Scene and either say "Capture" while holding the microphone button on the Savant Remote or go to Scenes, tap +, and tap Capture on the Savant App. 

To build a Scene with Sonos, follow these steps:

  1. From the Savant App, tap Scenes.
  2. Tap +
  3. Tap Build.
  4. Select Sonos from the list of services, then tap Next.
  5. Select a specific Playlist or Favorite.
  6. Select the room in which you want the Sonos service to play in along with the volume level.
  7. Tap Next.
  8. Complete the Scene, adding additional services as needed. 
  9. See How do I build a Scene? for further information on building a Scene with the Savant App.

Sonos populates on the Service Carousel of the Savant App; why can't I see it on my Savant Remote?

When adding a Sonos, the Savant App allows you to choose a room for the  Sonos device. In order for the Savant Remote to control your Sonos devices, there must be at least one Sonos in the same room that the Savant Remote is configured to. If a Sonos was mistakenly added to its own room, independent of the Savant Remote, simply delete the Sonos from the Savant App and re-add it to the correct room. Alternatively, you can move the Savant Remote to the room the Sonos is in by navigating to the Remote under the Devices panel. Select Settings, then change the Location to the room the Sonos is located in and press Done. This will move Savant Remote and any services it controls to the new room.


Can I add more than four Sonos streams/zones/rooms to my Savant system? 

The Savant system supports up to four independent streams/zones/rooms. Adding more than four is not supported or recommended. However, if multiple speakers are configured as a pair, group, or home theater, they will count as one stream/zone/room in the Savant App.

If you'd like to control more than four Sonos streams, a Savant Pro system would better fit your needs. For more information on Savant Pro products, visit

I’m having trouble adding my Sonos device.  The Savant App says it is connecting to my Sonos device, and it may take up to one minute, but it just continues loading and never connects. What should I do?

It may be that the connection is simply taking longer than expected due to the fact that your Savant system is syncing with your Sonos music library.  This can take some time depending on the size of your media library.  Please allow this process to run until completion.

One of my Sonos service zones is showing up as greyed out in the Savant App and/or Remote, and when I attempt to select that room, nothing happens. How do I fix this issue?

Currently, this is expected, and by design, but is being reviewed by our Product Development Team.  In the Sonos service selection interface, the last zone in which the Sonos service has been used appears at the top of the list as greyed out, but already selected.  While it may seem as though other zones are selectable while this one is unavailable for some reason, in fact this zone is already selected.

I’m trying to use my Sonos Connect Amp as the main audio source for my TV, but there doesn’t seem to be an option for this in the Savant App setup process.​ Is there a way to use my Connect Amp as the main audio source?

Currently, using your Sonos Connect Amp as an audio source for your TV is, by design, not a supported configuration.

I’m trying to use the Sonos Connect Amp as an audio endpoint from my TV.  I would like the Savant Remote to control volume for my TV service through the Sonos Connect rather than the TV itself.​ How do I enable this configuration?

Currently, using your Sonos Connect Amp as an audio endpoint or volume controller for your TV audio output is, by design, not a supported configuration.  However, the Sonos Playbar can be configured in this way.

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